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If you're looking for an experienced tattoo artist in El Paso, you've come to the right place. The artists at Kaiju Tattoo are recognized throughout the area for quality art. Unlike other tattoo parlors in the area that only offer template designs, our team offers custom tattoo design services. We're also one of the only shops in the area that offers black-and-gray realism and semi-realism tattooing services.

Our tattoo services are by appointment only. For more about what sets us apart from other tattoo shops, call Kaiju Tattoo now at 915-309-9705.

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Getting a tattoo shouldn't be stressful. At Kaiju Tattoo, we've crafted a fun, comfortable space where everyone from first-timers to tattoo lovers will feel safe in the chair. You'll be impressed by our personalized service, commitment to hygiene and expert craftsmanship. We work hard so that you trust us to do your next tattoo.

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Ready to get your next tattoo? Don’t invest in permanent ink from just any artist— choose Kaiju Tattoo for your new ink. Our local artists have more than two decades of combined experience. Whether you want a small symbol or a full-back tattoo, you can rest assured our artists know what to do.

Our artists are:

  • Rob Veloz
  • Faith Maier

Over the years, each of our artists has developed their own unique style. Want to find out what our artists can do with your custom design ideas? Contact Kaiju Tattoo today.