Redo That Bad Tattoo

Ask about our tattoo cover-up services

At Kaiju Tattoo, we can't turn back the clock to erase the work of other artists, but we can cover up unwanted tattoos. The experienced team at your local tattoo parlor is equipped to cover up tattoos of all sizes from anywhere on your body. We'll work with your design ideas and budget to transform the lousy art into a work of art on your body.

Call us at 915-309-9705 now to discuss your tattoo cover-up options with a local expert.

Add new life to your old tattoos

Add new life to your old tattoos

Do you regret getting a tattoo? If you're tired of your old ink, reach out to tattoo cover-up experts at Kaiju Tattoo today. We're equipped to cover up everything from tiny symbols to elaborate ink art.

When you're ready to make a change, schedule a consultation with one of our artists. We'll review your existing tattoo and new ideas and create a plan to add new life to your old tattoo.

For more details about our tattoo cover-up services, contact Kaiju Tattoo today.