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Ready to get a tattoo? Don't hire just any designer to add permanent ink to your body- choose the artists at Kaiju Tattoo. We know a thing or two about tattoos. Whether you want to add a little ink or a full sleeve, you can trust us to design and draw a tattoo that you'll love.

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Types of designs we tattoo

Types of designs we tattoo

Kaiju Tattoo is home to three of the top tattoo artists in the area— Rob Veloz, Amorette Lynn and Faith Maier. Each of our artists has a unique style that can turn a traditional tattoo into a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Some popular designs we ink include:

  • Black and gray designs
  • Realistic designs
  • Aztec designs
  • Geometric designs
  • Letter designs

Want to add a portrait or image to your tattoo collection? We can help with that, too.
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